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This game was made for the "2 Colours" Game Jam which was run in July 2018. The two colours I chose were black and white - to fit the retro, arcade-like style. The themes were "You are the Weapon" and "Space".

The main goal of the game is to protect the core and survive as long as possible.You can dash (using the Left Mouse Button) to kill enemies, which spawn every few seconds. Every time you kill an enemy you lose some hp, however the enemies also drop Coins. You can pick up the coins (using Space Bar) and use them to buy health potions and other items using (Tab or Esc)*.  There are 4 turrets surrounding the core, which point towards the nearest enemy. Enemies spawn faster the longer you've been alive!

Thanks for playing :)

*When you buy an item, the corresponding key to use it is displayed at the bottom of the shop.

Programming and planning was done by Sweego 

Most of the sprites were done by: Splek

Music and SFX were done by: Sushi chef

Install instructions

Download and run the .exe


Protocore.exe 6 MB

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